Dredging Creates a Strong Economy and a Cleaner Environment

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WEDA Hall of Fame

2016 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Bob Randall
The award was given to Dr. Robert E. Randall for his tireless efforts and outstanding contributions during 22 years as a member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS to achieve WEDA’s goals and objectives.


 2016 Dredger of the Year Award Winner

Michael Palermo, PhD, PE
Western Dredging Association is pleased to honor Michael Palermo by naming him the 2016 Dredger of the Year. This award is in recognition of Dr. Michael Palermo’s extensive and outstanding contributions to the Western Dredging Association and to the dredging community, initially in the USACE and now as a private consultant.  



2016 Safety Award Winners

2016 Safety Award Winner - Dredging Contractor    
J.F. Brennan Company, Inc.
WEDA is pleased to present WEDA’s 2016 Annual Safety Excellence Award for a Dredging Contractor to J.F. Brennan Company, Inc. for the McMillan Island Pumping and Dewatering Project North of Mississippi River Lock #10
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2016 Safety Award Winner - Dredging Project    
Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel Company
WEDA is pleased to present WEDA’s 2016 Annual Safety Excellence Award for a Dredging Project to Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel Company for USACE Contract No. W912EQ-12-C-011 the Dredge Wallace McGeorge
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2016 Environmental Excellence Award Winners

For Environmental Dredging
Winner   Boeing’s Plant 2 Sediment Remediation and Urban Waterway Restoration at the Duwamish Waterway in Seattle, Washington, USA.   Project | Photo
Silver   Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge Marsh Habitat Restoration, Milton, Delaware, USA.   Project | Photo
For Dredging for Coastal Reinforcement
Winner   Medmerry Managed Realignment, Medmerry, England, United Kingdom.   Project | Photo
Silver   Hondsbossche and Pettemer Sea Defence, the Netherlands.   Project | Photo

Best Paper Awards for Dredging Summit & Expo 2015:

Dredging Contractors of America / WEDA Best Paper Award:
The Impact Wear Behavior of Large Rocks on Slurry Pump Materials and Equipment
Robert Visintainer (GIW Industries)
Dan Wolfe (Syncrude Canada)

DSC Dredge, LLC Best Paper Award:
Tampa Harbor Maintenance Dredging with Egmont Key Beneficial Re-use of High Silt Content Material Using a Traditional Template Versus Cross Shore Swash Zone Placement
Coraggio Maglio (U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center)
Jane Ousley, Aubree Hershorin and Millan Mora (U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District)

Anchor QEA Young Author Best Paper Award:
The Influence of Adhesion on Cutting Processes in Dredging
Thomas Combe and Sape Miedema (Delft University)


{slide=Past Lifetime Achievement Award Winners}

  • 2015 Greg Hartman
  • 2014 Larry Patella
  • 2013 Ruud Ouwerkerk & Judy Powers
  • 2012 Albert J. Savage III
  • 2011 Donald R. King
  • 2010 Eric H. Seagren
  • 2009 James P. Rausch
  • 2008 Mort Richardson
  • 2007 Thomas J. Wetta III
  • 2006 John B. Herbich
  • 2005 George Watts
  • 2004 Robert J. Hopman

{slide=Past Dredgers of The Year}

  • 2015 Michael Gerhardt
  • 2014 Bob Wetta
  • 2013 Tom Verna
  • 2012 Anchor QEA, LLC
  • 2011 Ancil S. Taylor
  • 2010 Raymond Bergeron
  • 2009 Peter Armistead Bowe
  • 2008 Judith Powers
  • 2007 Victor Buhr
  • 2006 Charles "Chuck" Hummer and Robert E. Randall
  • 2005 Ram K. Mohan
  • 2004 Thomas Wang
  • 2003 Leonard Juhnke
  • 2002 Thomas M. Verna and Glenn Thomas
  • 2001 U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers
  • 2000 Craig Vogt
  • 1999 Frank Hazen
  • 1998 Hannon Hairston
  • 1997 William R. Murden
  • 1996 T. L. James Company
  • 1995 John B. Herbich
  • 1994 William F. Zenga
  • 1993 Gregory L. Hartman
  • 1992 Charles E. Settoon
  • 1991 George Watts

{slide=Past Environmental Award Winners}

  • 2015 Navigational
    Strategically Placing Dredged Material Enhancing Horseshoe Bend Island
  • 2015 Environmental
    East Branch Grand Calumet River Remediation
  • 2014 Navigational
    Port of Kalama TEMCO Berth
  • 2014 Environmental
    Sheboygan River, WI
  • 2013 Navigational
    Deer Island Restoration Project near Mobile, Alabama
  • 2013 Environmental
    Environmental Dredging and Aquatic Enhancement of Lake Beauclair, FL
  • 2012 Port of Anacortes, Washington
  • 2011 Navigational
    Corps of Engineers (PNWA)
  • 2011 Environmental 
    CH2M HILL and Ryba Marine Construction Company


{slide=Past Safety Award Winners}

  • 2015 Dredging Contractor - Manson Construction Company
  • 2015 Dredging Project - Terra Contracting Services, LLC
  • 2014 Enbridge Ceresco Dam Dredging Project & Onondaga Lake Remediation Project
  • 2013 Hile Group
  • 2012 Anchor QEA, LLC


{slide=Past Booth Awards Winners}

  • 2015 Most Eye Appealing
    Survey Equipment Services
  • 2015 Most Educational
    Pearce Pump & Supply
  • 2013 Most Appealing
    Anamar Environmental Consulting, Inc.
  • 2013 Most Educational
    Aqua Survey
  • 2012 Most Appealing
    Anamar Environmental Consulting, Inc.
  • 2012 Most Educational
    HB Wick Drains, A Division of Hayward
  • 2011 Most Appealing
    Rain For Rent
  • 2011 Most Educational
    American Chemical Technologies Inc
  • 2010 Most Appealing
    ARC Surveying and Mapping
  • 2010 Most Educational
    Tencate Geotube
  • 2009 Most Appealing
    HYPack, Inc
  • 2009 Most Educational
    Earth Cam, Inc